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We went from a few hundred over 10,000
“We have had fabulous experiences with We went from a few hundred people in our PAF program to over 10,000 each in”
—Mark & Betty Stilwell
Yours is truly one of the best I have seen
“ have an EXCELLENT product. I am involved in the IT world as a trainer and a consultant, and I recognize a powerful, user friendly program when I see one, and yours is truly one of the best I have seen. My compliments to the designers and developers.”
—Donald McGirr
I have discovered several dates that had eluded me
“ has been a tremendous help to me in my family research...I have discovered several dates that had eluded me, as well as finding some unknown ancestors that I didn't know existed. I also found 2nd & 3rd cousins that I never knew prior to my experience with OneGreatFamily.”
—Gwen Reid Adams
Your wonderful service...solved all my problems
“...No longer will families remain separated in many error ridden genealogy files that are kept by one family member (like me) on their computer and unavailable from family members. I believe that it is better to give and share with others. Until now I have not had a way to do this...One person can’t possibly do all of the work alone they need help to speed up the work...The only way to do this is with your wonderful service which I believe will in the near future solved all of my problems.”
—Jeff Bagley
...found hundreds of relatives...otherwise not been able to find.
“I have found hundreds of relatives that I would have otherwise not been able to find. In some instances, I was given a hint of where else to look for the information. ...I have been able to eliminate a lot of wrong information. I love the merging technique that this website offers! It eliminates having to type in new information and it verifies information that I am unsure of. The ancestry "tree" or handprint is awesome. It makes keeping my files in order so much easier. The way that the site is arranged is also helpful ...I like this site very much and I find it to be the best I have came across.”
—Mary Beth Davidson
The best thing...adds data automatically to your tree
“I just want to say how thrilled I have been with my experience at OneGreatFamily. The best thing is that the search program runs continuously and adds data automatically to your experience has been very positive and I have recommended OneGreatFamily to friends of mine who are also interested in genealogy.”
—Joe Cercy
It is the most user friendly of its type
“I have been loaned demo versions of your wonderful program and I have to admit that it is the most user friendly of its type that I have tried.”
—Victor Gramrosa
...fascinating experience. Thank you so much!!
“I stumbled across this website while trying to figure out the Irish heritage of my last name...I know very little of this side of my family so it has been a fascinating experience. Thank you so much!!”
Wow! I never expected to go back 50 generations
“Wow! I never expected to go back 50 generations. I am thrilled with this program...”
—Gary Shatswell
I am impressed by...the connectivity
“I am impressed by your web site and the "connectivity" it seems to provide...”
—Marvin Martin
Over 1,892 names...and still growing!
“...Walter thought that he was the last of the Nouch line...Well thanks to OneGreatFamily and the power of technology I have found many living relatives of the original line of them dating way back to 1715 (and I think even beyond that!). I have at present over 1,892 names and 653 families with 496 Variants of Nouch's and still growing! When you turn over a new leaf, you discover a whole new tree.”
—John Bennett
Family reunited after 33 years of questions and curiosity
“I would like to take a second to thank all the people who made a family reunited after 33 years of questions and curiosity. From the Jerry Jerde family thank you for joining 2 sons and 4 grandkids together. We couldn’t have done it without you.”
—Brian R. Jerde & family
Genealogy will NEVER be the same
“... I must let you know what I think of your site. I and my family think it is inspired, and has done so much for our research!!! Genealogy will NEVER be the same...”
—James G. Hastings
You are all you say you are, and then some
“Can you go ahead and charge my account...I don’t need the rest of the free time. You are all you say you are, and then some.”
—John W. Rice
On my first search, I located our family tree
“I had been looking for my grandmother, Ella Mae McLeran, for 4 years since the sudden death of my father in 1998. I knew that she was in a nursing home somewhere in Georgia but I could not find her. I finally found her last October when I saw her death notice in the Social Security Death Index. Through some more tracking on the Internet, I located an attorney in Georgia who had her remains in a cardboard box on a shelf in his office! When I tried to claim her body, he told me that I did not have enough evidence to prove that I was her granddaughter - and I had birth certificates, death certificates, etc., all the way back to my grandfather, her husband. When I ordered her death certificate, I realized why he told me that. All of her pertinent family information was marked "unknown"! My parents were divorced for years and as my dad was from Florida, I knew that there had to be some relations there who could help me. I received an email advertising OneGreatFamily and took a 7-Day Trial Subscription. On my first search, I located our family tree and the administrator was a cousin! Through contact with her, I finally was able to claim my grandmother’s ashes and bury her in the family plot in Florida.”
—April Tanner
So many interesting lives!
“...I had hoped to someday make a family tree to preserve what there was of our history. A few names that my husband’s father remembered were all I had to start with...I was amazed at the progress made once I joined OneGreatFamily. The information I found also reshaped what we thought was the history of our family. So many interesting lives! What was most unexpected though, was the impact of the research on a stranger. An elderly lady in poor health visited our little church with her granddaughter. She thought that she and an older brother were about the last of their generation. They were orphaned and raised separately by relatives in distant states. The loss of family was very hard on her. When we met, she told me that my name was also her grandmother’s name, and some weeks later brought me papers her mother made for her, detailing all the family names, dates, relationships and places that she knew. I copied it and then got to work. I found one woman from the early 1800's that led me to tie all the family together. Our family is huge! We had no idea! Best of all, we both have something we have not right near by. What a blessing!”
—Linda Fahringer

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